College-level Research Paper

College-level research paper assignments are different than the types of papers you wrote in high school. In high school, you may have been assigned a report where you did research on an assigned or chosen topic and wrote about what you found. You also may have written an argumentative paper or five paragraph essay, where you came-up with a thesis and provided convincing evidence to back it up. College-level research writing builds upon some of […]

Sample Research Paper Outline

Abstract Introduction                 Central theme/Background                 Statement of the problem                 Purpose of the study Research Questions Need for the study Hypothesis or objectives Definition of terms Review of literature Introduction Theoretical framework underlying the research purpose Thorough review of relevant empirical studies and/or qualitative research Summary Methodology (qualitative or quantitative) Quantitative Research design Population and sample or Participants Instrumentation or qualitative research classification Procedures Data analysis Qualitative Research Design Participants Role of Researcher Information […]

Suggested Format for 7 P’s Marketing Plan

Indicate the current model by describing how the chosen business provides/delivers current services/products. In each of the sections include findings from any of your evaluative tools (Case Study, Blueprinting, GAP’s Matrix). Specifically identify these sections in some way as findings, or observations. Indicate your recommendations or suggestions in sections titled as such. You are encouraged to use bullets Be sure all sections are written in full sentences, are grammatically accurate, use appropriate punctuation and are […]

Sample Case Study Outline

Executive Summary (100) In a single paragraph, summarise the contents of the entire report. This should write last when the rest of the report is completed, so that you know what you are summarizing. Introduction (200) Provide a very brief description of the organization and its product(s) or services. Examine and describe the “as is” situation in the chosen area of Procurement and Purchasing Management. Analysis of the Project (1000) Research and critically assess (not […]

How to Write a Research Project

Your research project should have the following sections: Title Page Abstract List of Contents Introduction Literature Review Method Results Discussion Conclusions References Appendices   Title Page Your title page should include the title of your investigation, your name and student number and the date.  Abstract The abstract is a short summary of the complete content of your research project (up to 300 words).  It is a challenging but important exercise.  Saunders et al (2009) suggest […]

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