The promotion mix concept as a marketing tool

The promotion mix is the combination of nonpersonal and personal communications and includes the following five elements: ·            Advertising − “a paid form of nonpersonal communications about an organization, its products, or its activities” (Peter and Donnelly, 2007, p. 111). This type of communication may be sent through mass media channels such as newspapers, television, radio, etc., to reach a target audience (Peter and Donnelly, 2007). ·            Sales promotion − “an activity or material that offers customers, sales personnel, […]

A Brief Guide for Research Paper

B. Trite Language Inexperienced authors commonly use phrases such as “In today’s society…” or “In the world today…”  Please do not say such things – they are trite and really say nothing.  In today’s society – compared to yesterday’s society?  These phrases are often used to begin a paper – you can just as easily introduce the topic in any number of other more effective and interesting ways.  C. Un-validated Claims Also avoid claims that […]

How to Write an APA Paper

Parts of a Paper If you want to know how to write an APA Paper, you need to understand the different parts of a paper A well written essay presents the reader with a topic, a specific argument or point of view on the topic, and support for that argument. A well written essay also moves the reader easily through the argument and support. A well written essay contains four major parts and many minor […]

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