Education research paper topics

Education research paper topics

Problem Based Learning

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Problem Based Learning

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Problem Based Learning

GG Heights School – Counselling Referral Report
Teacher making referralRoleDate
Mrs LipmanYear 7 Homeroom Teacher 
Student’s Surname: McLeodStudent’s Given Name(s): SallyYear level/Class: 7
Background informationSally is incredibly gifted. She has significant talents in writing and reading. She was identified in primary school as a gifted child and has advanced reading abilities than her classmates. Her family has a low educational background. Her low socioeconomic background and her large family has exposed her to adult responsibilities and concerns at an early age. She has committed to leaving school as soon as she can to support her parents and her young siblings. Her parents support her decision to leave school and work because they place a higher value on work than education. Sally appears withdrawn because she has only two close friends with whom she exclusively does everything. At her young age, she has already published poems and essays in the school newsletter and been mentioned in a secondary school writing competition. Consequently, she appears to be interested in pursuing her writing ambitions. However, her responsibilities and her parents’ low regard appear to be hindering her future ambitions.
Reasons for Concern, questionsSally appears to have withdrawn inwards. She is not fully experiencing her true desires and needs. The question developed for the case is “Are Sally’s adult responsibilities affecting her affective development by limiting her ability to experience a range of emotions appropriate for her age?” Hypothesis: Sally has withdrawn inwards because she cannot outwardly express her authentic desires and feelings. Poetry and writing is evidence of her retreat inwards where she feels authentic.
Observed attitudes/ behaviors/needsThe first indicator of the burden of responsibility on Sally’s well-being is her poem in which she imagines she has won the lottery, thereby enabling her to do what she wants. She continues in her poem and says, “Noises wake me roughly, And tell me that I’m toughly.” The two lines could be pointing to her parents, who wake her roughly and make her take up responsibilities. Her parents assume that she is tough enough to assume the responsibilities of an adult. Sally needs to experience her authentic affective self to develop her ability to respond to emotional cues from others during interpersonal interactions.  
RecommendationsSally’s family environment is negatively affecting the development of her self-concept. Because she cannot be herself when with her family, she has retreated inwards. This could significantly affect her ability to experience authentic emotions and correctly interpret emotional cues from her peers. Interventions in her case should include her parents or address her relationship with her parents to promote positive affective development.  
JustificationsHighly gifted children have an intense sensitivity to the problems they perceive around them, thereby making them highly vulnerable to events that excite an emotional reaction. Consequently, they mature faster than their counterparts. They are highly likely to have personal responsibility at a young age than their peers (Robinson, 2008; Silverman, 1994). Taking personal responsibility can have a significant impact on the development of self-concept in gifted children. Plucker and Stocking (2001) report that teenager’s self-concept becomes differentiated and abstract, which allows “complex forms of self-representations to take shape” (p. 536). Sally’s development of complex representations of self is tied to her responsibilities to her family, which contradict her inner desires and feelings. Therefore, she does not feel authentic when interacting with others. Her family environment is stifling her ability to develop a healthy self-concept that is consistent with her abilities and desires. She enters writing competitions to get validation from social success because she cannot find it at home. Research from Bain and Bell (2004) found that gifted children had higher attributions for social success due to ability and effort compared to other students. Consequently, using their effort and abilities is essential to their affective needs. Sally’s stifling family environment makes her seek social success using her abilities and efforts. However, this could affect her development because she needs to feel authentic connections with her family.    


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Giftedness in Children (pp. 33-51). Springer, Boston, MA.

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Roeper Review, 17(2), 110-116.

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