Movie Analysis Essay Structure, Tips and Examples

Movie Analysis Essay Structure, Tips and Examples

How Should You Handle That Movie Analysis Essay? Is it like an Ordinary Essay?

Film analysis essays should not just be summaries of the plot; you should give the reader an accurate summary of what issues the movie addresses. Therefore, the essay should be brief on the description of the narrative, which is what many students choose to concentrate on. So, ensure that you use less than 20 percent of the essay on plot description.

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The Requirements of a Good Film Analysis Essay.

When planning on how to write an analytical essay on a movie, the most important aspects of the essay need to be on the interpretation and analysis. The impact the movie had on you, and the overall message should be your focus.

Avoid retelling the story, or giving details which anybody can get by watching it. Instead, go a step further and give the reader something he may not get by watching. Describe the setting, the characters, and the implications of the lighting to the message of the movie. Further, talk about the themes that come out in the film and use a sample of a scene to demonstrate how the theme is brought out. You should think of your essay as an essential piece in making one get a better understanding of the story, even after they have watched it.

Secondly, your film analysis essay assignment differs from your ordinary term paper because it is your personal understanding that should be the focus of the paper. You want to tell your reader how you felt about the film, and there should be less of other people’s opinions unless these are used to support what you have personally observed.

Should any such opinions be used, they must be relevant to the point being made and must follow standard academic writing styles. You should also pay close attention to specific requirements given for each paper, such as discussion of specific scenes or characters. If you follow these steps, you should no longer be worried about how to write a movie analysis essay.

How to Start a Film Analysis Paper

Knowing what content to include in your essay is not all that is needed of you. Follow the following tips on how to write a films analysis essay, and you’ll be good to take off!

  • The first step should always be watching the movie, preferably several times. Take rough notes on the scenes and characters, with keen interest on the requirements of your specifics paper.
  • Read any opinions written by others on the movie. This will help you understand the significance of some of the scenes and settings.
  • Write the paper, using the third person (unless it is a reflective essay).
  • Avoid retelling the story. Narrative descriptions do not add much to the value of the essay.
  • Do not write before you watch the movie – this a big mistake because your descriptions may contradict the actual movie.
  • Avoid stating opinions as if they are facts.
  • Do not use first person adjectives.
  • Do not dwell on your likes or dislikes.
  • You should always remember that an excellent movie scene analysis essay differs from a textual analysis because unlike a text, a film has visual aspects such as physical characters, settings, lights and non-verbal language. All these contribute to the overall message of the story and should be taken into account when writing a film analysis essay assignment.

Types of Film Analysis Essays

The various types of film analysis essays include:

  • Semiotic analysis, which focuses on the symbols and signs in the film and their meanings. A good essay should go beyond this and establish a relationship between those symbols, characters in the film, and the real world.
  • Narrative structure analysis, which concentrates on the storyline and its relevance to the themes and subject matter of the essay. Each event has its role to play in communicating the message that the director of a film would like his audience to get.
  • Contextual analysis, which stresses on the story in its environment. The writer is expected to go beyond the film itself and focus on the historical, religious, and cultural aspects that existed when it was written and how these influence the events of the storyline.
  • Mise-en-scene analysis, which deals with a discussion on the visual aspects of the film and why these aspects were chosen for inclusion in the story. In this case, the writer is expected to focus on the film’s components and why the director selected every character or visual, and the message they help bring out.

Therefore, as you plan on how to write an essay about a movie, you should be very clear on what type of analysis you intend to focus on. A careful review of the question questions will greatly help in understanding exactly which type of analysis is required in a particular essay.

Examples of Film analysis Essays

A sample movie analysis essay can help you improve your own skills in writing. Also, you can review to learn how to structure different essays. If it is your first time to write an essay based on a movie, it is advisable that you read a variety of movie analysis essay examples as these will give you a good idea about how you can creatively compose your essay. The more you read, the better you become in writing your own essays.

Therefore, take time to browse through examples of analytical essays on movies. Good writers can write standard film analysis term paper because they have practiced and perfected their skills, and they know what they are looking for in a film. Also, they can watch the movie fewer times than those who have not done it many times and still write comparatively good essays, which makes it possible for them to handle even a crash movie analysis essay with ease. If you practice, research, and take patience to learn, you will also become adept at the art.


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