Mayura Indian Restaurant Trip

Mayura Indian Restaurant Trip

Mayura Indian Restaurant Trip


The Mayura Indian Restaurant has many outlets globally, including the one at Culver City, California. It provides a wide range of Indian dishes and cuisines such as tandoori chicken, Pakora, beef Nihari, lamb Biryani, Dal (Indian lentil stew), and Naan bread. I visited the restaurant during my field trip, which exposed me to the Indian cuisines. It was my first experience since I had not been exposed to Indian dishes before. Together with my classmates, the professor provided firsthand experience of the Indian cuisines in a peacock-themed restaurant. The Mayura Restaurant is one of the main Californian eateries that offer traditional Indian cuisines, enabling foreigners to understand Indian cultural activities, language, and food.  


Pakora is an Indian fried snack that is sold by street vendors and restaurants in India. The snack consists of gram flour, dried coriander, red chilli powder, chilli flakes, potatoes, onions, water, masalah powder, lemon juice, and coriander leaves.[1] I was exposed to several kinds of pakoras, including banana, groundnut, onion, bread, and backwheat pakoras during the study. Pakora has an appealing smell that increases chances of one requesting for more snacks. Indian communities believe that pakori has health benefits to consumers. [2] The trip improved my knowledge of pakora, its ingredients, taste, smell, and the importance of the snack among the Indian people.

Fig. 1: Pakora. Retrieved from

Lamb Biryani

            Lamb Biryani is a festive rice cuisine prepared among the Indian and Muslim communities in the Middle East. Mayura Restaurant prepares lamb Biryani using lamb meat, rice, egg, vegetables, Indian spices, dried fruit, and yoghurt. The Indian restaurants provide different kinds of Biryani including Bhatkali, Kalyani, beef, Tehari, Kaachi, and Dhakaiya Haji biryani, among others. [3] I had an amazing experience at the restaurant whereby the management provided a socio-cultural background of the Biryani. The dish is a crucial meal during festivals and dinner parties in India.[4] I learned more about the essence of the lamb Biryani in the Indian communities, especially during festivals.

Fig. 2: Lamb Biryani. Retrieved from

Beef Nihari

            Nihari is an Indian stew made of shank meat of lamb, goat, chicken, beef, and bone marrow. During the field trip, I learned more about the preparation of the beef Nihari, its taste, smell, and importance in the Indian community. Leftovers of beef Nihari for one day are used to improve the flavor for another day. [5] In India, some leftovers, referred to as taar, date back to more than a hundred years ago. According to Magon , prolonged taar provides the best flavor for beef Nihari during preparation, especially in festivals. [6] Attending the field trip with classmates and professor created an amazing platform to gain knowledge on traditional Indian cuisines such as beef Nihari.        

Dal (Indian Lentil Stew)

            Dal and Masoor of India are closely related with the Red Lentils of North America. However, the Dal is peeled and split from Masoor, which is cooked with rice to add flavor and shorten cooking time. The Indian Lentil Stew is prepared with clarified butter or ghee. [7] Conversely, sesame oil can be used instead of ghee to improve on flavor and make it vegan. Mayura Restaurant has an enabling environment that creates an appealing atmosphere for one to request for more Dal. [8] Our stay at the restaurant played a key role in improving our understanding of the Indian Lentil Stew, its preparation, taste, smell, and importance.

Fig. 3: Dal (Indian Lentil Stew). Retrieved from 

Tandoori Chicken

            Tandoori Chicken is prepared through roasting a yoghurt marinated chicken with Indian spices in a clay oven referred to as tandoor. The ingredients used to prepare the meal include tandoori masala, dahi, chicken, and honey. [9]  The chicken had an appealing aroma that improved our morale to learn more about Indian cuisines. There are numerous varieties of Tandoori Chicken based on the region and restaurant that prepares it. [10] The Mayura Indian Restaurant prepares chicken tikka masala, chicken tikka, and Indian Chicken Tandoori Mix Platter.

Fig. 4: Tandoori Chicken. Retrieved from     

Naan Bread

            Naan Bread is an oven-baked and leavened flatbread traditional to the Indian population. The flatbread is made up of flour, yeast, water, and salt. It is one of the key traditional delicacies among the Indian people that are usually prepared during festivals and cultural activities.[11] Naan Bread occurs in varieties based with the specific location in which the cuisine is prepared, which include Nan, Nân-e barbari, Nân-e sangak, and Nân-e tâftun, among others. During my field trip, I learned how to prepare different types of Naan Bread. The professor improved my knowledge of the importance of Naan Bread among the Indian communities.

Fig. 5: Naan Bread. Retrieved from  


            The Mayura Indian Restaurant, one of the leading Indian hotels in the United States, provides a wide range of Indian cuisines. During the field trip, I liked the manner in which Indians in the restaurant communicated since they availed adequate information on the dishes. Moreover, I experienced firsthand exposure to cuisines such as Pakora, Lamb Biryani, Beef Nihari, and the Indian Lentil Stew among others. The restaurant also enables foreigners to understand adequately the traditional practices, festivals, and dinners that the Indian communities engage in and how they use the dishes.


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