Staffing Strategy in Chern’s Company

Staffing Strategy in Chern’s Company

Staffing Strategy in Chern’s Company

Section 1

Short-term process goals in Chern’s company include efficient staffing, which in turn increases production, attracts sufficient number of qualified applicants, and complies with the legal and organizational policies of hiring that promote Chern’s ethical values. For the long-term process goals, the firm strives to meet hiring goals to stimulate growth. In regards to short-term outcome objectives, the corporation recruits productive people who guarantee efficiency, meet the expectations of stakeholders, and enhance strategy execution. The long-term outcome goals include hiring dynamic people who can rise to positions of leadership, promote flexibility to adapt to technological changes, enhance diversity, and maximize financial returns to achieve sustained growth. With these staffing approaches, Chern’s company is assured of having a team that is committed to its overall goals.

The company’s talent philosophy involves individual evaluation to identify staff members with unique capabilities that can lead to job specialization. Workers are allowed to state their strengths so as to ensure that they are hired for roles that match their skills. Following this ambitious talent philosophy, the company’s HR department needs to reward workers based on performance, and to employ new hires based on the identified talents. This kind of approach inspires commitment and high performance from the workforce.

Staffing strategies should also target how to manage market changes. A company requires a flexible team that can adapt to varying work conditions and technology. According to Phillips and Stanley, organizations should hire externally in order to bring in new talents and to diversity (386). Chern’s can train its employees to achieve desired talents and capabilities. It can also replace talents based on desired work output instead of retaining unskilled staff. The level of skills needed in the corporation varies according to departments. As a result, it should hire proactively so as to identify and address any issues on time. More so, it should decentralize staffing, and give emphasis to technical jobs such as accounting and production. This system of targeted staffing is a form of investment that prevents overstaffing and yields better results through increased output and profitability.

An area that Chern’s HR department seems to perform poorly in is racial composition of the workforce. Evidence shows that the company lacks racial balance, and that black people are the most discriminated. For instance, only 48 black people are hired out of the possible 600 applications, as compared to 50, 55, and 67 of Hispanics, Whites, and Asians respectively. Moreover, 15 out of 20 Blacks are given department manager positions compared to 20 out of 20 Whites. To avoid this form of bias, the company should consider following the four-fifths rule and policies regarding discrimination. The HR department also needs to be sensitized about the significance of ethics during hiring. In this way, they are likely to change their culture of discrimination, hence attracting talented and skilled people from all backgrounds.

Table 1: Job Requirements Matrix

Tasks KSAOs
Specific Task Task DimensionImportance (Time Spent in %)KSAO Definition Importance of KSAO (Rating 1-5)
Identify what customers wantSales management10Knowledge on the way to greet customers Knowledge about customer relationsKnowledge on identification of customer needs  5
Select and recommend merchandise based on customers’ needs Sales management5Knowledge on merchant handling Knowledge about controlling inventory Knowledge on different types of inventory      4
Compute sales and purchase prices Sales management8Knowledge on mathematics Knowledge on accounting and finance Knowledge on sales and purchase management Knowledge about books of accounting       5
Answer questions related to store and the merchandise Sales management3Knowledge on store management Knowledge on record keeping    3
Prepare merchandise for rental or purchaseSales management4Knowledge on the way to prepare merchandise for rental and purchase    3

Table 2: Job Rewards Matrix

Tasks Rewards
Specific task Reward DimensionImportance Rating  Reward Definition Time
Increased work outputIntrinsic5Pay, benefits, job security, advancement, and work schedule  Yearly  
Focus and commitmentExtrinsic3Variety in duties of work, autonomy, feedback, supervisor, and coworker relationsYearly      
Tasks involvedIntrinsic4Pay, benefits, job security, advancement, and work schedule  Yearly      
Leadership position heldIntrinsic4 Variety in duties of work, autonomy, feedback, supervisor, and coworker relationsYearly    
Level of support shownEmployee value proposition3Employee retaining, training, and attachment Yearly    

Section 2

Job Levels and Analysis of Transition

Job level 1 that includes full-time and part-time sales associates has a transition of 50%. Job level 2 comprises of department managers with a transition of 75%, buyers with 65%, and merchandising managers with 80%. The internal labor market depicts the full-time and part-time sales associates as comprising the majority of current employees. Merchandising managers are fewer than departmental managers. Buyers have a higher exit percentage.

Calculation of new full-time sales associates to be hired:

50% × 140 = 70                                       

Therefore, the number of new full-time sales associates who should be hired externally is 70.

Calculation of number of applicants needed to acquire new hires forecasted:

75% × 140 = 105

Therefore, the number of applicants needed to acquire the number of new hires forecasted is 105.

The current labor market for retail salespeople has numerous full-time sales associates. However, the future labor market is expected to have fewer part-time sales associates, thus creating a temporary gap. This gap can be addressed by hiring more full-time sales associates.

Ranking order of hiring platforms

  1. – It ranks first because it is the cheapest with an estimated cost of $1,500 per hour. It has a good culture fit and a 20% first year turnover rate. Its average first year financial returns are $38,000. Moreover, the hiring speed is only 2 months.
  2. Walk-ins – It is a cheap method; only costs $1,500 per hour to hire. It has the highest first year turnover rate of 30%. Its average first year financial return is $5,000. Another advantage is that it takes the shortest speed in hiring; only 1 month. However, it fits poorly with popular culture.
  3. Newspaper ads – It has a high first year turnover rate, estimated at 25%, and an average of $4,000 as the first year’s financial return. It is not as expensive as the other methods as it costs $2,000 per hour to hire. Nevertheless, it fits poorly with the culture.
  4. Employee referrals – It fits very well with culture. It has an average of $38,000 as its first year financial return. Its first year turnover rate is 10%. The hiring speed only takes 2 months, and it costs $2,600 per hour.
  5. College hiring- It has a good culture fit. The first year turnover rate is 20%, whereas its average first year financial return is $38,000. It costs $4,000 per hour, and its hiring speed takes up to 5 months.
  6. Search firms – It is the most expensive as it costs $5200 per hour. It fits averagely with the culture. Its first year turnover rate is 15%, whereas its average first year financial return is $20,000. In addition, it takes 3 months to complete hiring.


  1. The internet might be used more effectively to source and recruit applicants by installing systems that regulate the submission of resumes by candidates. The systems will capture essential information of targeted applicants. They will also reduce the cost of hiring and the time consumed in interviewing applicants.
  2. Using as the search engine will identify experienced sales associate applicants. The search term, ‘ blog,” shows blogs related to Worldwide Fashion Footwear Association. This site is beneficial as it provides a collection of all glamorous shows in the world.
  3. The other promising sales associate applicants using the Internet will be obtained using the search engine. The search term, “,” avails all fabulous shoes that are sold in the US. This site will help in providing pictures and illustrations of shoes that can be bought in America.
  4. Chern’s can also improve the diversity of its applicants by seeking additional means to market their job openings worldwide. It will widen its audience and get qualified personnel from distant places.

Recruiting guide

            The recruiting guide should include the following:

  1. Company policies and procedures
  2. Budgets
  3. Activities
  4. Timelines
  5. Responsible staff
  6. Legal issues
  7. Steps for recruiting

In order to create fair perceptions of the recruiting process, the company should promote gender equality. The age factor should also be considered. All age groups should be well represented, with a majority of positions issued to the youth so as to provide an opportunity for growth.

“Promoting Fashion” should be Chern’s hiring catchphrase or brand. The staffing process should insist on its value to every applicant. It will inform them about the business, and focus on possible success. The brand can be marketed by printing it on products such as pens and books. Such kind of branding will help in creating a memorable image.

Applicant scores

Julia McKnight-9/10

Alex Turing-8/10

Vera Levitt- 3/10

Benjamin Hirsch- 7/10

Chris Prender- 6/10

Sharon Simmons- 6/10

Maria Cruz- 4/10

Parvathi Naryan- 3/10

Section 3

Sales associate assessment and selection plan

In developing a suitable evaluation plan, we must be guided by the need to construct a cost-effective system that underscores the profile and interests of the company. At the same time, the system of evaluation and selection should be universal, meaning it will not require any special knowledge one can acquire while working in the company.

In order to create the right system for selecting employees, the proposal focused on identifying the following characteristics: trustworthiness, honesty, desire to grow with the company, ability to absorb new information, and ability to improvise. Practical knowledge requirements were not included in this list because they are easy to acquire.

In total, we will invite 12 people to directly pass cognitive interviews and tests.

Table 3: List of Assessment Tests

Cognitive ability test$840
Sales interest$300
Integrity test$420
Handwriting analysis$525
Simulation test$1,500

Initially, the selection will take place remotely, on the basis of resumes, to select 12 people who are most suitable. Further, the tests will check the basic skills and characteristics of each candidate. The Cognitive Ability Test will determine how much the candidate is willing to learn, quickly perceive information, analyze it, and draw the right conclusions. This test is basic because it provides the most general and comprehensive information about the candidate. After this test, the 6 candidates with the lowest scores will be excluded, while the remnants will be subjected to other tests that will eventually decide the most suitable candidate.

Scoring key

Since the questions are open, we cannot assign specific points to each answer. However, we can single out the right and wrong directions. When opening a question in the right direction, a person gets three points, when opening in the wrong direction, a person gets 1 point and 2 points for a “neutral” answer. Thereafter, the scores are summed and ranked on a scale from 3 (completely wrong behavior) to 9 (completely right behavior).

Improved internal promotion practices

Lack of career growth is demotivates skilled and dedicated professionals. Failure to gain promotion can seriously reduce their loyalty. However, career progression is not necessarily about moving up. The company should encourage employees to move “aside” by mastering new functionalities and skills, thereby enhancing their professional value. Implementing this strategy requires a high level of emotional intelligence from the manager so that lack of promotion is managed properly. Also, it is necessary to create new posts with updated functionalities for specialists that are unable to rise to managerial positions. The new posts can give specialists the opportunity to unlock their full potential.

Vertical growth is another method for motivating employees. However, it is by no means the most effective. Horizontal development that entails promotion is more attractive to employees. It may also include an increase in salaries due to the expansion of new powers and responsibilities.

Ways of identification and promotion

According to statistics, many employees leave due to lack of promotions. Thus, a well-developed system for identifying new hires and integrating them into the company is necessary. Periodically, the company’s management should communicate with productive employees to offer them development options.

Additionally, mentoring programs are a great way to support an employee who has not received a promotion, or is unlikely to receive one. A mentor can help professionals to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and assign tasks to improve efficiency. This solution is cheaper and effective.

Hiring rationale

A rational approach for selection has already been described in the preceding paragraphs. From the point of view of the requirements for candidates, a rational approach is one with a single defining question, according to which 6 candidates will be excluded, as well as the next four questions with the same weight. Those candidates who demonstrate the best result will be hired by the company.

Additional information to make a decision

To make a final decision, it is also important to consider an applicant’s psychological test results, academic background, and employment history. In addition, recommendations from a reputable source would be a plus.

Job Letter Offer

Dear Mr. Applicant,

Our company is glad to offer you the position of sales associate. Your skills are a perfect fit for our company.

As we discussed during your interview, you will start working on MM.DD.YY. The starting salary is $XXX per year, and will be paid on ____ basis.

Our company offers Special Benefit Plan for every employee and you will be provided with free full family medical insurance. Chern’s offers payable vacation and sick leave. In addition, you will be eligible for the company`s retirement plan, after 90 days of active employment at Chern’s.

If you choose to accept this offer, please sign this letter and return it to the HR Department as soon as possible.

After the signed offer is received, we will provide you with employee enrolment forms and a booklet with details of all company’s benefits.

We look forward to having you join the Chern’s Sales Team.


Manager Name

Manager Position

Chern’s Company

I accept the Sales Associate position in Chern’s Company

Net return

NR = $70,000 – $38,385 = $31,615

This means that by hiring qualified sales associates, the company will earn an additional $31,615 in the first year.

Socialization strategies

Socialization is the process by which new members of a group perceive the attitudes, values, and norms that are necessary to be accepted into the group. In organizations, it is the learning process that helps new hires to adapt to their roles in the organization. It requires a high level of organizational culture, from both the managers and employees. The process of socialization is inter-related to adaptation. The latter refers to matching the requirements and expectations of the social environment to a person’s attitudes and social behavior.

The training strategy

Training will ensure acquaintance with production tasks, which is an important component of the two stages of socialization. The stages entail direct acquaintance and adoption. Training will help speed up socialization by equipping new hires with necessary knowledge, values, and standards.

The strategy of change and acceptance

Its purpose is to evaluate the work performed by the new employee. According to the model of Feldman, the task is to make the person aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and be ready to use the strengths and work on the weak.

The mentorship strategy

The mentorship strategy should focus on training new employees, by respected employees who have worked in the company for a long time, and are able to introduce a newcomer to the ropes.

Material rewards strategy

The organization must use financial incentives to reward employees for behavior that conforms to the company’s norms. It assumes a change, not in the working environment itself, which causes certain difficulties, but in assessing the overall results of the work. While rewarding an employee, an organization should do it in a way that makes it clear to the person that it is compensation for the dissatisfaction that he feels while working. This strategy, from the standpoint of the theory of exchange, is successful when a person assumes that he will not be able to receive the same reward for the same contribution, of hard work and loyalty, in another organization. As a result, he may consider himself dependent on the organization.

Retention plan

The retention strategy is aimed at retaining key people in the organization, and maintaining staff turnover at the required level. It is based on an analysis of the reasons why people leave or remain in an organization. The plan comprises of the following components:

Work design – Work assignments need to be planned in such a way as to increase the variety of skills, the value of the task, independence, and feedback. In addition, work must provide an opportunity for learning and growth.

Career development – providing the conditions for employees to gain more experience; introducing more systematic procedures to identify labor potential, such as evaluation or development centers; promotion from the internal reserves; developing procedures based on the principle of equality; providing advice and professional career development advice.

Team building – The creation of self-regulating, autonomous working groups, or project teams.

Sales associates number downsizing strategy

The reduction strategy applies the same principles of assessment and selection that is used in hiring, but before that, employees are compared before the start of the selection. 15% of employees with the highest ratings are exempt from selection, and 5% are the lowest. This will reduce the costs of testing employees whose fate is already clear. The remaining 10% of employees are identified through evaluation and selection, and employees with the worst performance are to be dismissed. Such an approach will help to motivate employees, and carry out an adequate and rational method of staff reduction.

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