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How to Write a Speech Essay (With Examples)

While the process of preparing a speech involves reading and polishing different aspects of your delivery such as confidence and audibility, the process of writing a speech requires extensive understanding of language as well as vocabulary. Further, while speeches may be either formal or informal, they all require proper preparation which is commonly taken for granted.

Speech writing guidelines and Ideas

Just like essays, all speeches are made of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, speeches are meant to be heard rather than read; therefore, the best speeches should engage with the audience and hold their attention all through. Therefore, you should keep in mind the following 3 tips while writing your speech essay:

  • Strong Introduction. It is recommended that you start your speech with a strong introduction. Looking at this example of speech essay introduction, it is evident that a good speech should begin with a strong statement that will capture the attention of the target audience. One way of doing this is by including an engaging hook that relates with the audience.
  • Develop Body of the Speech. This section of the speech entails highlighting the key points of the issue focused on. Narrow down different ideas and key points to about three or four points that are more outstanding.
  • Strong Conclusion. The speech should end with a firm and powerful conclusion. Remember to include a summary of the main ideas discussed in the body of the speech. While writing the conclusion, you should find a way to leave your audience with thoughts, insights, or questions. Additionally, the conclusion should leave the audience with a sense of completion and satisfaction.

Technical Tips for Easy Speech Writing

Apart from the guidelines highlighted above, the following technical tips may enhance your speech:

  • Use Inclusive Phrases and Terms. While writing your speech and want to refer to individuals or a group of people, it is crucial to use inclusive phrases and terms. For instance, it is more effective to use the term “Our” other than “Mine” such as; our school, our town, our country, our team, and so on. This technique will give the audience a sense of belong and inclusion.
  • Proper Use of Transitions. While the speech may have strong ideas and concepts, it important to work with sensible and clear transitions between concepts and ideas. It is commonly assumed that the audience keeps track of ideas, concepts, and logic in speech. However, without clear transitions, it is easy to lose your audience in the middle of the speech. Note that transitions are used all through the speech and not only within the body section. This is because a speech is a cohesive task that organizes independent ideas chronologically.

How to Write a Strong Speech That Captures the Attention of Your Audience

Regardless of whether one is delivering a speech as a class assignment or presenting it at work, leaning how to write a good speech is paramount. The starting point of writing an effective speech is by developing a solid outline of the key points relevant to the topic or theme of the speech. The use of a strong outline allows the writer to effectively organize their thoughts and ideas to ensure that all the main components have been included. To capture the attention of the target audience and maintain their interest, use a strong introduction embedded with key points and flawless transition.

Guidelines on Writing a Speech from the Scratch

  • Identification of Type of Speech. There different types of speech, including informative, persuasive, analytical, entertaining, and narrative among others and each type serves a specific purpose. As such, it is important to know the type of speech you plan to deliver as this will guide you on what to include and how to develop it.
  • Goal and Objective of the Speech. Generally, speeches tend to have a specific goal as well as general goal. The specific goal is to generate a particular response from the target audience regarding a particular theme or topic, while the general goal entails the basic intention of the speech.
  • Research on Topic of the Speech. You may use your past personal experiences and knowledge to write a speech since it allows the audience to relate with your experience. However, conducting further research on the topic of the speech allows the writer to have credibility in addition to giving further details on the topic, such as facts, statistics, quotes and percentages. In this regard, you should conduct research from different sources, such as publications, journals, articles, and credible websites.

Persuasive Speech Writing Tips with Examples

As mentioned earlier, there different types of speeches, but when learning how to write a speech for school or simply a good speech essay, it is common to work with persuasive speeches. These types of speeches serve the specific goal of convincing or persuading the audience to take up certain perspectives, ideas or simply adopt a certain course of action.  From these strong speech essay examples, you’ll find that persuasive speeches entail presentation of both opinions and facts to the target audience, with the hope that they will change their perspectives. As such, the ideas, opinions and facts highlighted in the speech ought to support each other as this is the process that compels the audience.

Sample Speech Essay Format and Layout

Similar to other forms of writing such as essays, the format used for speeches are the same. They include an introduction, body, and a conclusion, with each section designed to highlight main themes of the speech.

  • This section entails briefly and clearly describing the central theme of the speech, and therefore, it should capture the attention of the audience for the rest of the speech delivery period. The introduction section may also include thesis statement, which similarly covers the theme or message of the speech.
  • The body section of the speech is aimed at giving key points that build on the thesis statement and supports the central theme of the speech. Effective development of the body entails the use of topic sentences that reflect the key points that support the central theme of the speech. However, as mentioned earlier, it is important to have smooth transition from one idea to another to allow the audience follows up.
  • The conclusion is the final part of the speech and this entails a recap of the main highlights and points discussed in the body section. The core and central message of the speech is summarized in this section as well. Further, as you can see from past sample of simple speech essay, it is important to make sure that the conclusion creates a permanent impact on the audience in such a way that they cannot easily forget the main points of the speech.

Free Speech Writing Samples and Topics

There are many examples over the internet that gives ideas for writing a speech. While some speeches come with specific topics, a majority of them may focus on the following topics:

  • Social and moral issues. An example of this is persuasive speech essay on abortion, discrimination, racism, homelessness, and poverty among others.
  • Environmental sustainability issues. This includes speech essays on deforestation, waste management, poaching, and pollution among others.
  • Science and Technology. Speech essays on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and space exploration among others.
  • Speech essays on marriage, friendships, family, and love among others.
  • Here are addition speech topics you can choose from.

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