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Significance of Admission Essay

While these types of essays may not necessarily be the main factor determining the admission decision, in some cases, they influence the whole process of decision-making by the admission committee. An admission essay plays a crucial role in informing readers more about a student, their level of creativity, past experiences, skills, and other additional information that may not necessarily be found in their resume or curriculum vitae (CV). Therefore, as a student, you should remember that a strong essay may have a positive first impression on the readers, while a weak paper filled with errors, grammatical and spelling mistakes may generate a negative impression about yourself.

What are some of the College Admission Essay Examples About Yourself

Just like this college application essay format example, the essay about yourself has three main sections, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction section entails framing the topic on how you see yourself as a student. This is the best section to outline the parameters of the essay so your target audience may have a clear picture of what lies ahead in the essay. The body section is the main part of the essay and it entails the student making their arguments and explanations on the main ideas highlighted in the introduction section. In this regard, you should focus on your unique skills, expertise and talents; and where applicable, give relevant examples that the reader can easily relate with. The conclusion is equally important as it offers you the last opportunity to establish a strong last first impression about yourself.

Do you know why this college essay example demonstrates the ability of the writer to write clearly and concisely? By the time the reader finishes reading the essays, they will have a clear understanding of who you are. The introduction forms the departure point of the journey, the body is the journey itself, while the conclusion forms the destination of the journey. However, you should note that there are different college essay examples of a personal statements that serve different purposes.

Eight Easy Steps on How to Start a Personal Statement for College

A personal statement is a crucial admission essay as it offers an opportunity for the student to elaborate why they want to study a specific course, as well as the relevant skills, expertise, and experience that demonstrate their passion for the course. These are some of the key elements to consider while starting the essay:

  • Identify unique, special, and distinctive features about yourself.
  • Identify details about your personal life, history, family challenges and events that will help the academic institution understand you better or distinguish you from other students.
  • Identify the moment you gained interest about the field of study, and the insights gained since then that have motivated you to pursue it.
  • Identify the means through which you learnt about the course.
  • Identify any form of discrepancies and gaps in your academic endeavor that need to be explained.
  • Identify the unique personal characteristics and features that will enhance your chances of succeeding in the course.
  • Identify other skills such as leadership, critical thinking, communicative and analytical abilities that may be enhanced through the course.
  • Identify the most convincing reasons about yourself that will attract the attention of the admission committee.

4 Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement for College Scholarships

Unlike personal essay for college, the scholarship essays are aimed at securing educational financial support from an institution. In order to write an effective scholarship essay, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Follow Instructions and Guidelines. It is important to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you are required to write about. In most cases, institutions may want to identify your level of creativity, while in some cases they simply want you to give a fact-based response. As such, it might help for one to outline the requirements on a paper to ensure no section has been left out.
  • Concentrate on your Strengths. Since you want to convince your target audience that you not only need their financial assistance but also have a great deal to offer in regards to the study program, it is important to focus on your best facets, unless you have been asked to talk about your weaknesses.
  • Mention Personal and Specific Examples. The use of personal experiences and examples allow the target audience have a clear understanding of who you are, while establishing your credibility. As such, other than using vague claims and instance, mention specific personal examples that illustrate why you need the sponsorship.
  • Create and Essay that is Flawless and Easy to Read. It is recommended to use line breaks to distinguish different paragraphs, with the use of headings and sub-headings where applicable. Generally, admission committees read hundreds of such essays and as such, you should make their reading experience pleasant and straight forward.

 So, What are the Different Types of Admission Essays?

Away from the scholarship essays, it is crucial that a student understands the topic of their essay. While it is common for some colleges to ask for a general application essay, there are some institutions that issue specific college essay topics. For a number of reasons, including sickness, family and work commitment among others, some student may not be in a position to tackle their essays, and they may ask, “Can I find someone to write my college essay for me?” While this is possible, it is important to understand the specific essay topic issued by the college. For instance, some are about me essay for college, while others may specify the language and other formats such as my college essay in English. Further, other institutions will simple require you to complete a “tell us about yourself college essay.” In other instances, some institutions would want to understand your attitudes towards their institution, and in this case you can get ideas by reviewing “why did you choose this college essay sample.” Alternatively, you can get insights by reviewing “why are you interested in this college sample essay.” Further, there are institutions that specify the number of words to be used in an essay, and in such a case, the topic of the essay may require you to write a college application essay examples 500 words. In conclusion, the format, topics and other requirements vary depending on the institution, and therefore, it is critical to understand the topic and other detailed requirements.






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