The Increased Need of Work Force

The Increased Need of Work Force

Activity 1: The Increased Need of Work Force


            Human resource is the most important factor that determines the success of the farm since it cannot operate well without workers. The external factors that influence the human resource in the park are technology and law. Technology has automated processes, lowering the need for workers while the law limits the relationships among employees and the type of individuals that can be employed. The internal factors that affect the human resource at the park are remuneration and the working environment. Workers who are satisfied with the way they are remunerated and their working environment are more productive.

Employment statuses      

The existing employment statuses include worker, employee, self-employed, and employee shareholder. Employees operate permanently while workers operate on a casual basis. Employee status at the park is determined by the pay rates, responsibilities, and possible benefits. Work-life balance at the park is important because it allows employees to be physically and psychologically healthy, happier, and more productive. However, while workers are entitled to holidays and days off, employers have a right to dismiss employees for misconduct.

Legal requirements

The legal requirements that need to be observed by employers include treating all employees equally, not discriminating employees based on their race, religion, or gender, and the need to sign a psychological contract with workers. Some of the reasons that constitute unfair dismissal include pregnancy, union membership, maternity leave, and refusal to work extra time. Some of the reasons for fair dismissal include lack of capacity, misconduct, and redundancy. The benefits of holding exit interviews include enhancing working conditions and productivity, which helps to forecast problems.

Learning gained

            The learning gained from this report is that human resource is the most critical factor in any organization since the workforce is a strong determinant of performance. It was learned that employee performance is dependent on factors such as the working environment and remuneration. Lastly, an organization should hold exit interviews to learn to manage its workforce better and enhance performance. 

Activity 2: 4DEP Assessment Activities


            The CIPD profession map is comprised of design principles which underpin its conceptual framework. They are the basics which govern the HR profession. The core professional areas are specific HR career paths an individual can engage in. The four bands in the CIPD map are representatives of the ten requisite knowledge and activities needed for a competent HR professional. Some of the issues addressed by the bands include providing clients with information, advice,  consultation, and leadership. The map also comprises eight behaviors, including open-mindedness, decisive thinking, skilled influencing, building and delivering professionalism, the drive to add value, challenging others, being a role model, and collaboration. The factors that can help deliver effective services include having good relationships with clients and communication.

Based on the self-assessment, my main strengths include the ability to work with people in mutually beneficial ways and effective communication. My main weakness is the lack of objectivity in my decision-making. Working in teams and challenging conditions will provide me with an opportunity to improve. It ensures individual competencies are in line with the prevailing professional standards, increases professional dynamism; and allows one to predict future changes in their profession accurately. 

Learning gained

The learning gained is that being a profession involves having adequate knowledge about one’s responsibilities and having soft skills such as communication and how to develop relationships with others. I also learned that I need to improve my decision-making by being objective. Lastly, I learned that it is crucial for one to engage in continuous professional development because it allows them to be dynamic and avoid becoming obsolete in the job market.

Word count: 186

Activity 3: 3DEL Assessment


The knowledge that I was supposed to present before an audience made me nervous. I was uncomfortable engaging people; however, I believe I presented well because I had prepared adequately. The presentation was interactive, and it involved engaging the audience through questions and answers sessions. The tools I used include presentation, a clicker to move slides, timer to keep time, and Menti tool to ask the audience questions. Positive learning comprises physical features (which include respect and safety, table layout, and presenter position) and psychological characteristics (which include audience participation and respecting feedback). The presentation involved both physical and psychological features. While I presented well, I believe I can improve.

Learning gained

I learned that presentation is a challenging task, especially for an individual who is not used to engaging with people. However, preparation is key because it allows one to master the subject of presentation and determine how to do it effectively. Lastly, I learned that despite preparation, mistakes are always committed during the presentation. However, I believe that mistakes are a learning opportunity that allows one to improve for future performances.

Word Count: 252

PRM Assessment Activities


            Human resource management is a challenging task since it does not only involve hiring workers but also managing them. Performance management is essential for setting the objectives and standards of work and monitoring them. Its purposes include helping organizations to achieve their mission and vision, motivate employees, increase productivity, engage people, improve organizational performance, increase efficacy, and simplify communication. The key components of performance management include key performance indicators (KPIs), SMART objectives, documentation, performance rating, self-assessment, and midyear review process. The main task of performance management is to enhance employee performance. As such, firms develop systems of motivating employees, financially and non-financially. Financial motivation comprises incentives, bonuses, and rewards, while nonfinancial motivation includes additional leave days, special offers, recognition, and promotion. The demotivation factors that affect employee performance include bad working conditions, low payment, discrimination, unfair competition, and poor communication. The factors that should be considered when managing performance are budget, coaching and development, results and development, soft and behavioral skills, and level of complexity.


I learned from this report that human resource management does not only involve hiring employees but also ensuring that they perform maximally to help the organization achieve its objectives. I also learned that performance management involves ensuring that employees are motivated to perform well. In this case, the motivation does include not only financial but also nonfinancial rewards. However, in providing the rewards, one must ensure that the benefits lead to the achievement of the company’s objectives. For example, financial rewards must result in enhanced performance among employees.

Word count: 321

Activity 4: 3RTO Assessment Activities


            A diverse workforce at QP is important because it provides a rich pool of knowledge and ideas due to the different backgrounds of the workers. A culturally diverse workforce also enjoys better communication and provides intercultural capabilities. Other benefits of a diversified workforce at QP are a higher collective intelligence and productivity and limited discrimination due to lack of a dominant group. Both internal and external factors affect QP’s approach to talent planning. The internal factors are financial ability, leadership, and company culture. For example, talent planning is a resource-intensive activity, making it hard for QP with limited financial capability. The external factors include government regulations, the labor market layout, and competition. In this case, QP must ensure its talent planning activities are within the law. The factors that affect organization recruitment and selection policy include budget constraints, market forces, industry needs, and job requirements. As such, a company has to develop a recruitment policy that is in line with its financial capabilities.

            To get employees, companies may use recruitment agencies, social media, and referral programs. The selection methods used include technical interviews, references from employees, and personality testing. The main types of induction are corporate induction, safety, and cultural induction. The benefits of induction include helping employees to become part of a firm and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, complying with legal requirements, and ensuring workers’ safety, as well as optimizing chances of better performance.


From this report, I learned the importance of a diverse workforce; it allows companies to benefit from different ideas and perspectives. I also learned that while a firm may want to develop a particular talent planning recruitment policy, limiting factors such budget constraints, government regulations, and industry needs may compel it to adopt a different approach and policy. Lastly, I learned the importance of employee induction; it allows workers to familiarize with the firm’s culture and legal requirements.

Word count: 223

Activity 5: 3HRC Assessment

            The main purpose and goal of Qatar Petroleum (QP) is to be the leading oil company in the world and expand internationally. Locally, the firm aims to strengthen its operating model and technical capabilities. QP’s main products are crude oil and natural gas. The company has both local and international customers. The local customers include Qatar Airways and Woqod Company. The external factors which affect QP’s organizational activities include political, legal, and economic factors, social environment, and technical environment. QP uses the functional organizational structure, with related jobs being mapped together in one department. The departments work together to enhance overall business performance. Some of the values that define the company’s culture include respect, responsibility, integrity, safety, and excellence. The HR management is connected to the company’s strategy and together with the organization’s culture; it has helped QP to achieve its goals.


I have learned that companies are usually affected by factors beyond their control, and the only way they survive in the market is to adapt to these factors. For example, QP has to look for ways of dealing with the Qatar blockade. The firm has had to grapple with a reduction in oil prices. I also learned that HR management is essential to the performance of an organization. However, it must be linked to the organization’s strategy.

Word Count: 284

Activity 6: Workforce Reorganization for Oil and Gas Company


            Data is a key driver for modern human resource practice. An analysis of the data between 2015 and 2017 shows that the ELS had fewer vacancies as compared to SS, possibly attributed to the attractiveness of lower level positions. In terms of employee nationality, the company’s data shows that expatriate employees have reduced while Qatari nationals have remained stable. As such, the working conditions may become unfavorable for expatriates, forcing them to quit. Collection of data will help the firm establish when it needs to reduce the SS and increase the ELS. With reduction of expatriates, the company may face a personnel crisis.

The useful data for any company focuses on three areas; namely: staff turnover, absenteeism, and employee satisfaction. Moreover, HR data is normally used by companies to determine the workforce needs and the improvements required. However, in handling of the HR data, companies are required to comply with certain legal requirements, some of which include security of the data, consensual collection, and limiting the use of data to the intended purpose. HR data also helps companies to improve employee engagement and satisfaction and deal with high turnover and absenteeism.


I have learned that HR data is important to companies because it allows them to determine areas that need improvement, the changes that need to be made in terms of employee motivation and engagement, and whether the workforce has the right knowledge and skills to deal with any new developments in the market. HR data can help companies to also deal with the problem of duplication of roles. However, in collecting and using the data, companies must comply with the set legal guidelines.

Word count: 266

The Process of Change


            The factors of change can be categorized into political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal. The main political factor is the taxation policy adopted by the Qatar Government; it determines the operational costs of QP. The economic factors manipulate the demand and supply of oil, forcing the company to change tact to deal with the new developments. The main social factor that the company faces is the criticism against hiring foreign employees in senior positions. Moreover, the company has to adopt the new technologies in the market to enhance its performance. It also has to comply with both environmental regulations and legal requirements that dictate how companies should explore, extract, and commercialize oil. QP has to develop strategies to counter these changes. However, when introducing changes, the firm must consider the human resource since people tend to embrace changes slowly. The roles played by the human resource in change include formulating the strategy for change, assisting in retraining the staff, and offering advice regarding when to initiate change.


I have learned that change is necessary because it allows a firm to adapt to changes in the market. However, in initiating change, a company has to involve employees since people are naturally averse to change. I also learned that the HR is important to change because it helps to retrain workers so that they adapt to the changes and advice a company on when to roll out the desired change based on the readiness of the employees. Lastly, I learned that change is a process that takes time and involves many stakeholders.

Word Count: 223

My Performance against the Plan

            My performance has improved significantly over time. For example, I have become more objective in my decision-making process. I now analyze issues pragmatically rather than emotionally.  The change has enabled me to make hard decisions easily. I have also improved on how I interact with people and work within a team. The skill was acquired as I interacted and socialized with experts. However, I did not develop leadership skills since I was not in charge of teams or tasks. Another area that I have not improved is the formation of complex interpersonal relationships because I am new at QP. In addition, I work on a rotation program which has made it hard for me to develop relationships with other people in the company. Nonetheless, I have noted that in the short period I stay on a program, I interact with some people better than others.  Based on the plan, I have achieved about 75% success on the objectives; thus, I must develop strategies to deal with my weak areas.

Word count: 396

Further Development Needs

            There are a number of additional development needs that I should focus on, such as the analytical and leadership skills. In most cases, I consider situations to be easy and straightforward, but they almost always turn out to be more complex than I had thought. As such, it is important for me to learn to analyze things deeply and from different perspectives in order to come up with more appropriate solutions. Another development need I should focus on is the ability to deal with multiple issues. Being an individual who aspires to partake leadership positions in the company one day, I should be able to handle different situations comfortably, a skill that I have not developed.

   What do I want/need to learn?What Will I do to achieve this?What Resources or Support will I need?What will my success criteria be?Target Dates for review and completion
Personal goals – Objective decision-making skillsIncrease emotional resiliency and rational decision-making through meditation and exercise, which will reduce my appeal to emotion in decision-makingTime to deliberate and learn new decision-making skills Time for mind-body exercisesDecision-making outcomes in professional settings Positive outcomes and objective decision-making will be signs of progressProgress review every month for six months
Support for Organizational goals – Managing teams and complex interpersonal relationshipsAcquire a challenging organizational role to play to improve my ability to interact with multiple people in challenging settingsTime Other people in the organization that I can interact withThe number of working relationships forged in the organization Responsibilities assigned to me within the organizationSix months
CIPD goals – Leadership skillsAttend leadership seminars and workshops on the role of CIPD in professional and personal developmentGet Suitable mentors and coaches to improve leadership skillsDevelop social networks within the CIPD community  To be achieved by the end of May
Personal goals-develop analytical skillsEngage with professionals and attend meetings where important decisions are metRead books on analytical skills and get suitable mentors to help develop these skillsSuccessfully analyze situations and come up with the right solutionsTo achieved by the end of June
Personal goals-Learn how to deal with multiple situationsTake on challenging tasks that has multiple parts and require different sets of skills.Get suitable mentors to help me learnSuccessfully handle a complex taskTo be achieved by the end of October
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