Tips on Good Essay Writing for MBA Application

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Essay Writing for MBA is a Challenge for Many Students: Learn the Tricks

What is the Correct MBA Essay Format? Is it Different from an Ordinary Academic Essay?

An MBA essay is different from your ordinary academic paper. While your ordinary essay concentrates on a given topic, an MBA essay says more about you. In many cases, it will be the main factor in deciding whether you will get admission to your chosen business school. This Harvard MBA essay example shows how you can structure a good, creative essay that can get you into a business school. You should be careful because the kind of essay you write will differ according to the institution. Take some time to browse through common MBA essay topics and how to tackle each one of them. You should be careful to write an essay that will help the selection panels make the right assessment on your strengths and weaknesses. The following tips will help you write a credible essay.

 MBA Essay Tips for a Winning Essay

  • Be honest. Avoid any form of exaggerations, or outright lies. Even if this is not detected at the application stage, you will soon run into problems sustaining the standards you set for yourself. The temptation to lie is common especially with essays which focus on personal experiences.
  • Show your strengths. This is a key factor in getting you admitted. Dwell on your strong qualities and show ability to solve problems. Be specific about why you are a great choice for admission into business school.
  • Write well. Do not just pay attention on what you want to say, but also how you say it. Great writing is a sure plus in this type of essay, as good writers are thought to be good thinkers. Pay attention to grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Do not exceed the word count, as this will suggest that you do not have the ability to follow instructions or that you cannot organize your thoughts.
  • Only talk about race, minority status, or gender if it helps prove some strengths. Remember you are not looking for sympathy of favors, but to demonstrate your strengths.
  • Deal with real-life examples. Show what you have done in the past to demonstrate your stated strengths and problem solving abilities. Focus on unique qualities.
  • Show risk taking ability if you have it. If you have followed unorthodox means to reach where you are in academics or business, play it up. Risk taking is a plus in business!
  • This is a definite plus. However, let it be original and natural. Do not try to force funny episodes where they do not fit.

 The Don’ts of MBA Admission Essays

Avoid the following common mistakes in your essays:

  • Going off topic – do not include things that were not in the original question. Concentrate on important factors only. Do not go on about family background or your country of origin if it is not part of your main focus.
  • Concentrating on high school days – many students focus on their high school success, how they topped their class, led the basketball team or were editors of the school magazine. While these are good qualities, the selection team will expect you to have moved on to more current challenges.
  • Trying too much to impress – some students try to fill their essays with industry jargon in an effort to impress. This will be easy to detect, and the essay will sound unnatural. Use simple words of your level and write naturally and fluently.
  • Exceeding word limit.
  • Copying – taking an essay written by someone else, or copying sections from different essays will lead to disjointed work and the plagiarism will lead to disqualification. Some students forget to remove names of places or institutions which were the original recipients of the essays.
  • Making excuses for past failures – instead, own up and turn it into an asset. Show that you have since moved on and learnt from that experience, and that you are a better person because of it. Take responsibility and do not blame others.
  • Constant complaining- don’t keep criticizing everything.
  • Submitting an essay without proofreading.

 Know the Different Types of MBA Essays

While it is good to read samples available online and try to learn how to write good essays, some students fail to note that there are different types of MBA essays. You may want to review different samples and note the difference between a why study MBA essay, an inspiring experience MBA essay, or even MBA essay examples career goals. While the former requires you to describe the reasons that drive you to choose an MBA degree, the latter requires you to describe an event that demonstrates your strengths and competencies. Similarly, see these MBA admission essay samples and note how the applicants sound natural and relaxed in their writing. Another common category is the essay that asks you to concentrate on personal strengths, or describing yourself. See an example of such a sample MBA personal essay.

Also, note that every essay is unique, and even as you review what others have done, you must chart your own unique product. See MBA personal statement examples and note how each candidate creatively makes his essay unique. Another common type of essay is the purpose statement. This type of essay requires you to concentrate on what you plan to do with the degree. In this sample statement of purpose for MBA admission, the writer concentrates on personal strengths compared with these MBA admission essay samples, which concentrate on the reasons for studying an MBA degree. Therefore, as you prepare to apply for admission into any MBA institution, it is paramount to familiarize yourself with various types of essays and practice how to write them. Take a look at these common MBA essay questions and how to tackle them. While you may not get these questions word for word, the variations are usually minor. Also, these examples of optional MBA essays will get you prepared for an optional essay.

The MBA degree remains one of the most sought by students seeking to pursue graduate studies. However, the admission essay remains a barrier that many find difficult to overcome. However, with a little practice, it is not such a serious challenging task.

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