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April 7, 2019
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April 7, 2019
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You are an HR practitioner, employed by a large Multinational company

You are an HR practitioner, employed by a large Multinational company,
and have been asked to provide a written report by your senior manager on
the problems that are confronting the company recruiting and retaining the
right employees. Your report should include the following:
Critically discuss the different challenges that the organisation faces in
relation to recruiting and retaining staff, across a geographically dispersed
environment. For example, the company has to achieve two conflicting
objectives; they must integrate human resource policies across a number of
different geographical locations, so that the companies strategic objectives
can be met, and at the same time the approach they take to HRM must be
flexible enough to allow for differences in the types of HR policies and
practices that are most effective in the different cultural settings that they
operate in. (LO1 and LO2)
Such practices you should include in your discussion are; (LO 3 and 4)
 HR planning
 Recruitment and selection/retention
 Human resource development (leadership)/career development
 Remuneration/benefits
Attempt to provide recommendations that can be adopted by the company
to aid the development of HR strategy. Be creative yet professional. Your
senior colleague would like you to use examples or illustrations where
possible to support your recommendations. (LO3 and LO4)

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